Point Lobos, California State Reserve


It was wild to realize that crazy storm was inside my head. Contrast provided perspective. I walked out of the house into the shade of an oak tree canopy on a hot summer day. Birds chirped, and a slight breeze whispered through the branches, but in my head, a great storm raged. I don’t remember what was so upsetting, but there was no evidence of it in my surroundings. I thought, how can I be so upset when nothing’s happening? 

There’s always the problem of where to start, but in this case, the start was everywhere. All I had to do was pause for a moment, and there it was, continually unfolding in a way that allows no pause.

I made an effort to open to the experience and let the outside work its way inside. Wispy clouds crept across the sky while a white butterfly made its way through the yard. A prism split the world into colorful reflections, one facet next to another, twisted upside down and reversed, all of it inescapable, this myriad of possibilities. Ad what is this experience, a quiet moment of mind and body, a receiving, like a subtle scent in the air? And how do I want to present myself to this connection?