Downtown Monterey, California


The direction seems to reverse, and I become an observer instead of an initiator. It happens midway before sleep falls deep, and there is still a thread of awake attached. The place where thoughts give way, make a turn and become dreams. Sometimes I see faces, all kinds of faces. I recognize who they are, but I don’t know them.

And I fall deeper––you must know the place––to where we connect with an unbroken continuum, sex and birth and the realness of the moment, this one, only it was ten thousand years ago. And a hand is reaching out to tend a fire, and it’s my hand and a new child and the instinct to care for them, and we’re running through the forest with hunger, and it’s my hunger, and it’s my eyes watering and our deep sleep connection. 

All the death that came before and all of it an unbroken chain of mother father child to mother father child, the holy connection and the truth of who we are. I can sense the moment in my mind, the fire and fury, the run and chase, and sleep and the falling deep into mind where the direction changes and thoughts become dreams.