Toyon Berries, California Native


I’m not really qualified to write about the holiday season, having been a Scrooge most of my adult life. However, I do like getting together with family and friends, and of course, who doesn’t enjoy colored lights. But let’s face it. Christmas devoured Thanksgiving long ago; now, it’s running down Halloween and setting its sights on the fourth of July. But this year, I decided not to be a Scrooge. That is if I could figure out what that means. What’s left if you remove the decorations, gifts, and corny songs? Where is this spirit I keep hearing about? What is the essence of the season? As if to answer my questions, today, on the side of the road, I noticed our neighbor put up their annual “Holiday Wish Tree” along with colored pens and tags for people to post their wishes.  

Peace and joy to all this Christmas season and beyond; a kind smile for everyone; tranquility and a little happiness; Civility; Love and Joy; an end to COVID and cancer; respect for one another; more wonder and awe; Gratitude; an end to poverty; good health for dad; Kindness and Compassion; rain and snow in the mountains; health for all, love is the way (with a big red heart) health insurance for Brando; sensitivity; happy memories from Christmases past; adventure; love for the earth and all her creatures; love and compassion and abundance. There you have it.