I think I’m finally rested up after a great and unique experience spending 10 days (long ones at that) at the Apple production facility preparing for the September 10th Keynote.

Switzerland, headed by Derek Ruddy and Jay Howard, teamed up with editorial house, Spot Welders’ editors, Michael Heldman, Leo Scott and Paul Sabater, and their VFX company, Shipping + Handling’s Casey Price and EP Patrick McElroy, to create and oversee Keynote content and new TV Ads.

Since I was the sound designer and mixer for this post production team, and worked on some of the video content for the keynote as well as new TV spots for the iPhone 5c and 5s, I can attest to the tremendous amount of effort put into the presentation.  Kudos to everyone for the enormous level of cooperation and teamwork involved, not to mention the quality of the creative production talent.

I must say it’s not easy to feel relaxed in such high security facility but thanks to the helpfulness of Apple personnel, it all worked out well.

If you didn’t catch it live, here’s a link if you’re interested:

Apple Keynote September 2013