I ordered a sandwich the other day at a local shop; they make great sandwiches, but some of the workers make them better than others. While I waited I kept thinking—are they going to screw it up. It’s funny how something as simple as a sandwich, with so few ingredients, can be delicious or horrible. Then I noticed that Alma got the order and was making my lunch. Alma makes the best sandwiches in the universe. As she handed me the sandwich, I asked her, “Why, Alma, are your sandwiches so good?” 

She said, “I make so everything is tasting.”   

Wine, in its essential simplicity, is made from just grapes and yeast. There are only four ingredients in beer: water, hops, malted barley, and yeast.  A guitar is just six strings stretched across a wooden box. It’s all a matter of balance and craft.