Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, Germany


“The art world is spun-up with so many elements, it overshadows the work,” I thought. “It’s not about the art. Rare is more valuable than art. A reproduction of one of van Gogh’s Sun Flowers would be just as beautiful on a wall. But, then again, it would lack the awe of van Gogh’s hand, the man standing behind an easel with paint on his smock.” 

“The rarity, the artist and quality, metaphor and symbolism, it’s not graffiti; it’s a Banksy, layers of twisted emotion, marketing and desire, and social commentary, so yeah, maybe it’s what the art represents.” Then I thought, “But the work is where it starts, with a blank canvas and a handful of brushes or a can of spray paint. It’s an idea that won’t stop.”

Art is all the adjectives I think of, and then it becomes mysterious and full of excitement and wonder. And underneath is a driving force to create and the desire to honor it.