I received some good news. First, the California Writers Club selected two of my photos for an ekphrastic coffee table book titled Visions and Verse. The CWC is the mother organization for writing groups throughout California. Then, a few days ago, I received another email from the CWC informing me that they selected two of my prose stories and a poem for publication in the same book. I’m honored to have had all three of my submissions chosen. Thank you for reading my missives all these years and for your endless encouragement. Here is one of the CWC selections.


Face of Resignation

Squirrels chase through the trees.
I’ve never peered through those eyes,
but I know the feeling, every skipping hop and chattering stutter,
and their emersion in pure joy.

A tiger paces back and forth.
I’ve never pierced the world with that intense glare,
but the feeling is too familiar, caged without meaning, wandering and wondering,
with no clue to the mystery,
but still holding vigilance.

The old one walks through scattered leaves stirring about her feet.
I’ve never gazed through those baby blues,
but I know the feeling by the slump of the shoulders and skip in the step,
the column of years stacked to the horizon,
as the wind shakes the trees so hard, the branches flail and bend
but never break.

The sky is changing faster than ever before,
with clouds coursing by in time-lapse.
I’ve never starred through those tears, but now I know how they feel,
and I hold on tight as pictures flip in my mind like a slideshow,
welling up from deep inside as fantasy and reality trade places.

Two hands fall from the face of resignation as words dissolve,
leaving their meaning to drift on the air like incense,
a welcome release from life’s trance.
All that remains is the sound of my breath
and the scent of wild jasmine.