Levitated Mass,” by Michael Heizer, LACMA

I think what the world needs now is a store called, Et Cetera & So Forth. It would be a cross between a junk-yard, flee-market, yard-sale with a Ray-Ban, jean-jacket attitude that would make Prada, Vuitton, and Hermes blush with embarrassment. It would cover many acres with areas for furniture and farming equipment, clothing and bikes, and everything else. 

The only person who would know where to find anything would be the owner or maybe her partner. They would have three or four dogs, large and small, and several cats who may or may not follow you around the place. The store would have several large buildings and several yards with paths and trails connecting it all. 

It would carry old and new items and have an ethnic food court selling fresh everything and home-cooked whatever with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. My favorite area would be the arts and crafts pavilion filled with handmade, homespun, delightful things I never in this world would have imagined. Yeah, that’s it––a store for what’s missing. A place to hang out until you find what you really need.