Quarry Park, Monterey, California


I love these rocks. In Quarry Park at the end of the path, in a place that holds a speck of peace in nature, people stack rocks and decorate them with flowers and bits of plants. They change day to day. Sometimes, I add a rock or two by trying to discover that bit of balance no one else has found. The trick is three; you must have three points to balance the stone. Once you know that, the possibilities are almost endless.

But what do they say, these little stacks of stone? There’s no reason for anyone to take the time to build such a thing. From time to time, there will be a bit of paper with a wish or a greeting. It feels like a marker to me. Yeah, that’s it; someone is marking the spot, setting an intention, or a prayer. The amazing thing is how others will play into it, join the kindness given, add to it, and build grand stacks of hopes and dreams. A random, unsolicited collective of hopes and dreams.