Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum of Contemporary Art – Berlin – Germany


Did you know, Gambel’s quail, which lives in the Mohave Desert, has a body temperature of 107 degrees? It can continue to cool its self in hundred-degree temperatures. Crazy. I looked it up in two minutes on my phone. We can find out about almost anything now and stuff it into our heads. But what I think affects how I feel, so what’s good, and how much is too much? If I was going to curate my mental landscape how would I want it to look?  

I guess the first thing I’d do is hang some art and bring in some plants and flowers. Of course, music is a must. Thoughts about family and friends would be sitting about, and probably good food and wine, candles, spring water, and a safe place to sleep. I’d add bits of memory from the past but mostly only the good ones, maybe a ratio of 7 to 1, good to bad, just enough bad to add contrast. I’d also add a closet with a dust mop and lint rag to keep everything tidy. Yeah, I wonder if the inside of my mind could be like that, simple, clean lines, white walls, and plenty of space.