San Jacinto Wilderness, California

I’ve been writing my weekly missive for a year. I named them missives because I didn’t want to take the time to write a long blog that no one would read––much better to be ignored with less work. My intent was to share some of the things I learned working in recording studios the last forty plus years, but I didn’t want to write another boring, how to, wanting instead for the messages to go deeper to the bones of it all … and I wanted to include photos to create a feeling and add to the narrative. I soon discovered how these, things, shared paths with craft, design, and art, and forced an internal discussion about what it all means, blurring together with expression, honesty, how we navigate, and how we fool ourselves and then learn and grow. As it turns out, what I learned in the studio of any real importance, crisscrosses the high-fidelity splendor of this crazy journey we’re on. And I learned something else, something small, how the insignificant and mundane can hold hands with something larger … a glimpse of the space between heartbeats.