Big Sur, California


Oaktree moths fly through the evening sun, setting them aglow like fireflies, while a simmering pot of rice clatters away, and the sweet smell drifts out an open door. I close my eyes to the scene and let the feeling sink into my bones. It’s just a moment, a time of day, and a cool breeze made more enjoyable by the hot afternoon and fresh scent that comes with it. But there’s something else. It seemingly rides on the breeze, but I know it’s always there.¬†

It speaks of time without tether when no thoughts are needed, and I notice the sky is void of birds, and there seems to be a pause in the constant drone of traffic on the highway. Yes, maybe that’s it, a pause. It feels like a pause. But it’s only a state of mind, a moment of acceptance without encouragement when all is fine, and there’s no need to surrender because there’s no fight. Just moths in silhouette and the feeling that engulfs the world as night falls.