Monterey Bay, California


The bay looks different every day. I can’t ride my bike past it without taking photos, so I have about ten million of them. Storm clouds with a choppy surface give it a dark-grey moody feel, cold and brooding, angry and vindictive. A blue sky with wind-rippled waves seems to reflect a dark blue feeling, deep and mysterious and protecting its secrets. And some days, the bay has a deep green color with the smell of salt and sea, an icy breeze with a warm sun, zip your jacket, hands in pockets, and a hot coffee. 

Often, with a clear sky and a calm sea, the sun glints off the surface like crystals and lights the white water on fire, inviting and alluring with clear deep visuals and transparent motives, alive and gentle, a sailors dream, waves crashing and rolling onto shore with a hiss. Above and below, incomprehensible in size and depth, constantly changing, reflecting, and reacting, ever-present, tempting and treacherous, seductive and enigmatic. And only revealing itself moment to moment.