Commons Park, Denver, Colorado


Last night I couldn’t sleep. After a few hours, I decided just to lay there and rest a bit longer before I gave up and got up. Weary of my thoughts, I surrendered and let them make their way through my mind without interference, allowing them to take over like a dream. They dropped in one after another, having their way with me as I skipped along the edge of consciousness like a stone on water, falling deep only to pop back through the surface into my bedroom. Finally, I fell into the other world and woke with a room full of sunshine.

As sleep left me, I noticed something had changed. My mind seemed to be in neutral, a midway point between here and there with no fighting or holding on, resisting or hoping. Without trying to defend or condemn, I was floating. I went for a walk. The chilly air felt good on my face, earth crunched under my feet, and birds fluttered with song. There was rich energy to the morning. And any struggle seemed diluted by children laughing and playing, the warm sun and the cool stillness.