Monterey, California


We’re having the perfect spring rainstorm. It blew in sometime last night, and I woke up to its steady pattering. Instead of the wild downpours we’ve been having, this storm is a wonderful dripping, gurgling rain, the kind with a purring rhythm lulling you into a trance, making you want to curl up and drift off into the in-between. There’s an essence to this storm that feels like a bookmark, a space for nothing more than watching and waiting, the kind of waiting without expectation or desire when just this seems more than enough.

This rainstorm feels like a rewilding, a moment when all of humanity drifts toward its natural state. Imagine a world where cities are not concrete jungles but vibrant havens of biodiversity, where green spaces teem with life and provide refuge for native flora and fauna. And it’s true if only for a few hours when the sun pushes through and awakes us from our trance and flashes of golden light sparkle from raindrops, dropping from every new green leaf.

I’m grateful for this storm, its mark in time, and the clean, fresh start to spring. Later today will be the perfect moment to set our new purple salvia into the Earth, giving me something to look forward to as the magic of mother nature fills the yard with the scent of sage. There’s a personal aspect to rewilding, one of rediscovering our innate connection to nature, a deeper appreciation for the Earth’s beauty and resilience.

Whether planting native species in our gardens, supporting conservation efforts, or advocating for green spaces in our communities, each action brings us closer to a more harmonious coexistence with the natural world. In doing so, we honor the spirit of Earth Day and sow the seeds for a greener, more sustainable future.