Monterey Vista, Monterey, California

With a cold winter chill in the air, I walked up a hill towards our house; my coat zipped tight. I was trying to think of a missive to write, maybe recycling, a new way to look at recycling, my thoughts drifting in and out of the odds and ends of my day, when I looked up and saw two large trees covered in yellow flowers. Just like that, snap, the big picture opened up, and I stood on the edge of my life. 

I used to pull back from those moments, try to think around them, or make sense of them somehow. They still have the same uncomfortableness, but now I like to stand on the precipice, look out over the nothingness, and feel the ephemeral reality. Somehow it brings me closer, and everything feels dear. The view lasted long after I got home. I peered out over the pieces of my life, absent in my skin, looking over the next moment––all of it shaded in yellow.