Monterey Bay, Monterey California


It was in the forties this morning when I pushed my bike into the street. As I dropped down the hill towards town and built speed, the wind cut through my jacket like ice. The wharf was abandoned save for a vendor setting up to sell trinkets. Anchored boats rocked gently, silhouetted in the dawn light, and the winged inhabitants took up their morning tasks. As I made my way along the old train route, now a bike path, I picked up a current of thought: Let go of the desire for life to be different, a Buddhist quote that somehow now resurfaced. 

A cold northeast wind pushed at my back and eased my ride down the coast, as the simple quote became a loose thread that began to unravel. Politics, climate change, how can I release those concerns, and what about my aging body or nostalgia for yesterdays, each with its feel, pictures, and ideas, one after another, lending a clear connection between thoughts and feelings. Yeah, to feel different, think different. Hovering over the jagged rocks and crashing waves of Lovers Point, seagulls and crows hung in the sky like stringless kites.