Black Sand Beach, Sayulita, Mexico

What should we do with the blank wall in our living room? Yes, we could put a piece of furniture there, but it’s more clutter. The obvious thing is art, a group of photos, or maybe a painting, adding some life and color to the room. But then I have to look at the same piece of art every day, possibly for years. That’s why I don’t have a tattoo. How does this wall affect the way I relate to the room? Art has a built-in feeling or intention, but I want the wall to feel fluid, to change from time to time, to combine intentions and push them around, find innuendo and shadows of meaning and allow the mistakes to create the story, or a punchline, a twist with mystery. Yea, that’s what I want, mystery and intrigue––I want it to pull me in. Or maybe there’s another solution. Perhaps the wall’s alright how it is. I’m growing to love this blank wall and its possibilities. Once I hang something, it’s defined, and the exploration ends.