Azi Feduoi, Fishermans Wharf, Monterey, California

At the entrance to Fishermans Wharf, which is mostly a tourist attraction selling chowder and taffy, there’s a plaza with a short wall next to the bay. Musicians perform there, some of them homeless. It’s mostly acoustic guitars and singing with a hat out, different levels of expertise, timid versions of old songs with a few originals, but there’s also mindless strumming, incoherent songs, and the depression which seems to be a mainstay of society these days. 

One evening, Donna and I were walking through the plaza on our way to the wharf, and as usual, I heard a guitar and someone singing. The song was unfamiliar to me. It was simple, effortlessly locked in a catchy, hypnotic groove, relaxed and natural with a haunting voice, flowing in the cool air and mixing with the seagulls. It was so enchanting it changed the color of the plaza. I met Azi Feduoi who said something like, “Oh yes, a beautiful day … we get to enjoy another beautiful day,” making a heart shape with his fingers and thumbs, and saying “Peace,” with a smile. Now I understand the magic behind his music.